Gauge Chart in R

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9 thoughts on “Gauge Chart in R

  1. Brilliant post!
    Alertanitvely you can use the Google tools from R directely as well:

    plot(gvisGauge(data.frame(Label=”UserR!”, Value=80),
    options=list(min=0, max=100,
    yellowFrom=80, yellowTo=90,
    redFrom=90, redTo=100)))

  2. Great post! Nicely executed. Not claiming this is in the same town let alone ball park, I was working on something similar a while ago. Haven’t had a chance to take it further, was thinking of having a ‘ice cream cone’ shaped shaded area to show where 0 and 100 were and also have the needle move round an arch (currently needle point goes along a line). Was doing it this way with the thought of automating it within webpages with knitr etc using live data and importing the team logos etc so it could feed/automate off a season schedule etc.

  3. Dear Jeff
    I was impressed with your dial.plot function. I just had one improvement to suggest..
    in googleVis guage chart, there is a flexibility to plot value beyond 100. However in your dial plot function it is limited to 100. It would be nice if you could modify a function and post for us with this capability built into it.

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