Literate Testing in R

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4 thoughts on “Literate Testing in R

  1. Why not follow the `is.positive_integer` convention, except that they’re not native and not a base data type? And yes, they should be part of base R, though it’s incumbent upon us as literate users to code and commit these contributions, not just the core team. Anyhow, excellent and useful suggestion!

    • I very strongly doubt that R Core will consider hard-coding these (there’s more to it than the naming conventions), that was wishful thinking 🙂

      • The naming convention is an interesting suggestion, but for different reasons, I prefer to use underscores instead of dots (more of a personal taste).

        I agree with Françcois. And I think that there’s always controversial opinions of what things should be part of the base R. For me the important issue is to have available functions and code that allow useRs to reduce friction, be more productive, and create more analytical tools.

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